Hello all

My name is Adrienne and I am hoping to create something that will matter. I have been around for a while and have come to a place in life where I want to be of service to other people. Don’t hear me wrong, I have dedicated  over 24 years to raising my children, and helping to raise other people’s children. I have volunteered my time,, as well as, my families time towards helping others. I am talking about sharing with those who are about to embark upon the newness of marriage, divorce, mothering, fostering, public schooling, home schooling, cooking, etc…. I want to be of service to those who need help. When I first started out, I only wish that I had such an offer, but didn’t. Today, 24 years later, I think that I have figured out a few things, they have worked for me and they can work for you . So follow my blog if you think I can help.   


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